Bringing the drone industry to the next level

State of the Union

The past years have brought sizeable advances in the worldwide drone technology. Denmark has had a lot of focus on the area, especially when it comes to research and academia.

The Danish legislators have been very cooperative, giving us a solid framework to base our research and practical use of drones on. The unique way the Danish bureaucracy works means, that the industry has had a direct access to the decision makers who have also show a real interest in collecting the industries findings and practical experiences.

Going to market

Our industry has reached a point where it is crucial, that we can show some real-world results. If we want to go to the next level, we can no longer hide behind the often heard “we are a fledgling industry slowing building up” – we have done that for some time now and the focus needs to be on commercializing drones.

I think there are several ways to kick start this process:

  1. We must look at the established industries and offer them the solutions, that will make their everyday business easier or more profitable – we can´t wait for them to come to us.
  2. We must work closer together. Like many newer industries before us, we have the tendency to see each other strictly as competitors. There are several organizations in DK, that focuses on their separate areas of the industry – join them and help them. They are already supporting each other and working together.
  3. We must help the decision makers in keeping the rules and regulations updated and modern. They are willing to change the rules providing we present them with well thought through ideas and projects. Such projects will help pave the way for more innovation.
  4. We must look at projects and industries both nationally and internationally

The time is now to show what we have been working towards through the years.    

Christoffer Greenfort  


Danish Chamber of Commerce, Senior Consultant, Transport & Infrastructure

DroneDanmark, Head of the Secretariat